Where There is Smoke, There is Fire

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This particular painting was more spontaneous, in creating, than many of my previous abstracts. Truly it evolved from an emotional base of positive, free flowing internal sensations. Perhaps it was less cerebral based than my prior abstracts, to some degree. I limited the palette to about 4-5 colors so as to maintain a sense of calm, harmony and cohesion. I have come to realize that moods, nearly all the time with my abstract paintings, are positive, refreshing moods, as I paint. Of course, I think, painting essentially is a form of therapy.

In this painting a sensation began to arise, as I worked in a very dry brush style ( limited water added to the paints). So the painting was moving in the direction and effect of what seemed to me to be a look of smoke or clouds. I really liked the effect and continued with it throughout the entire painting. This painting was not so much of a high contrast painting, as past abstracts tended to be. I hope you like it. Likely this effect with arise again in some of my future paintings.

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