The Magma has Surfaced

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Sometimes how I begin my abstract paintings can vary a lot. This particular painting began using a new decorative wall finish brush, applying different warm tone colors directly to the canvas, using a "stippling" technique that created very loose areas, cloud like throughout the painting surface.

Next I began to define, fragment separate the areas with black lines that flowed in and around the various areas. Slowly but surely it began to become very interesting and also to command all my senses. This is the refining stage that is especially enjoyable. This stage also incorporates smaller details that make the painting sing, as I like to say.

As well a title began to come forth as I finalized the painting appearance. I was feeling a sensation of lava flowing, forming or something akin to that. So I soon decided, shortly after completing this abstract, to title it "The magma has Surfaced". For me the title comfortably fit the overall appearance! Hope you like it.

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