The Inferno Within, How Can We Win?

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Truly this abstract I created has a very warm, often hot, palette of vibrant or blended colors. As I began to paint my abstracts are most often formed and generated from my mind, my imagination. This mental, celebro image at this initial stage is very nebulous, undefined, just a sensation and an impulse. Somehow my memory holds some recent inspirations, techniques that I have seen in recent weeks of other abstract artists that might possibly become integrated into my own particular style of abstraction.

So when I begin my painting process my own tendencies, style and inclinations come forward and maybe a technique or approach of another artist then slips into my recipe, formula and structure of my new evolving painting. So perhaps we can say my painting, typically is a hybrid, formed by many influences visual, but as well my personal emotional and passionate moments, many of them, are part of the abstract creation process as well.

There is always more that can be said, but I want to impart in this description also that as I form various sizes and shapes of mass, lines that flow, overlay and link in, over and around these large, medium and small shapes that everything, all elements in the painting, are relational and reactionary to each other. So thus the process of how I begin and build, form step by step, my abstract painting. Hope you like it. I had fun, I admit, also, in choosing this painting title. It came quickly and felt right. What do you think of this painting and how does it make you feel?

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