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The word stimulating come to mind again, as well as captivating. I guess the word captivating could be applied to many of my paintings, to varying degrees, according to the individual viewer's taste and preferences in art. So i think stimulating and captivating is how I might describe, in simplicity, this abstract painting. In describing my artwork many adjectives can be applicable of course. How might you describe the overall effect, impact of this painting upon your mind, your eyes, your emotions?

The metallic applications in a number of my paintings always fascinate me. Just love how the metallic areas, in this case silver, dance and sparkle plus separate, contrast from the opaque acrylic paints is kind of special, I think. Especially how the light and angles of light upon this painting, natural or artificial, create some pleasant, unique effects. Of course you probably have noticed the textural material applied, as a foundation, to this painting also. This too adds intrigue to the final and total effect.

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