Navigating the Nebula

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This painting, created on wood panel, is the largest of my paintings thus far this year. But don't be surprised to see larger paintings than this one, in the future months. As I have begun to build my painting inventory this year, I have become more conscious of a style coming forth, in my abstracts. Even when I approach my blank canvas or wood panel, I have visions and feelings of what the painting can be. But most often I find myself, sometimes unaware, of unintentionally returning to my style and technique of past paintings. I find this phenomena interesting and do not concern myself so much with what initially were dancing visions, expectations in my head but rather I concerned myself with the final product and quality, and was it successful, in terms of how I determine success.

About the effect, appearance of this painting I was very pleased in the multi-medium impact of using, adhering metallic glass beads in 2 primary areas. This material, product exceeded my expectations, especially as to how these beads could transform the overall effect of this abstract painting.

So do you like how the beads positively influence the total composition and design of this abstract? I expect, in some future abstract experimentations, to carefully add these metallic glass beads once again.

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