Motion and Emotion of Colors in Convergence

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Recently someone described, favorably, my artwork, of one of my abstract paintings, in an interesting way. So I decided to incorporate it into my description of this painting. Mostly I add it here because it was an interesting, unique response to a question I posted, about my art. My posted question was about this painting, but actually could have been asked about any of my paintings. I asked my followers what they thought of my painting title ( Motion and Emotion of Colors in Convergence) and here is how she responded. "As for me a visual art can be without a title...your works are full of color, expression, movement. I see this at first glance". This painting, as she indicated, is truly full of color, expression and movement...and I add, even more. It also has depth, contrast and intensity. I strive for uniqueness and to catch the eye of the viewer and all these characteristics, mentioned here, accomplish that or so I believe. Anyhow, if you are reading this I am guessing you like abstract art. Do you see any uniqueness and has this painting caught your eye, your attention. If so, why? What do you think about painting titles, are they important and do they influence your level of interest?

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