Greens Are Good For You

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Yes, artists can be moody. Our moods are part of who we are and part of what we create. But I speak of moods in a positive sense. Being in touch with what we feel, connecting and accepting our emotions at the time and what we desire to express from our mind`s eye as well.

So this painting, as all my abstract painting actually, is a visual record of what I wanted to express, in a natural way, what was inside my mind and my heart, my desires, to achieve. I draw inspirations from other noted creations of the world around me, as well as other artists who have impressed me with their unique techniques, styles of painting, their focus and discipline as well as talent and achievement.

But I have formed my own personal style. In this painting I continue to incorporate, very consciously, my developed, personal abstract style. But certain aspects in this painting, such as the technique, can be found in my other abstract paintings. The palette is handled differently, however, in this painting, as it features a more limited palette than many of my other paintings, that tend to be very bright and vivid, multi-colored.

As you can see the palette is mainly green, blue/green, with white lines and some touches of gold metallic. What do you think, do you like it? How does it make you feel?

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