Go with the Flow

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This abstract painting I created, using a new and better texture medium, and it performed well. I have an attraction to and and am intrigued working with texture materials. In a painting an artist can choose to create perceived 3 dimensional effects and/or create actual 3D effects using textural materials. In this painting I chose, and often do, to apply a texture medium to the wood panel to create a textural effect, although it does not have a great physical depth, in this case. I was looking to achieve a special warmth, using a palette of colors with a thermal benefit, warm tones using reds, yellows, orange along with blended red/black for the deeper lower portion of the painting. To the viewer the sensation, the feeling this painting projects can be very individual. Especially with abstracts, that tend to be very highly interpretive and as well stimulate the imagination... and provoke perhaps emotional responses too. I hope you like it. Please comment freely, I welcome, always, your feedback. Thank you.

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