Go for the Gold

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This painting came to life without much of any preconceived design, effect or technical thoughts. It came forth spontaneously and totally from a reactionary, emotional, inspirational base. However, I did have a plan to use modeling paste in this painting, and what is seen through the middle area, from left to right, is texture derived from a lot of modeling paste and some addition of granular, stucco like texture material. These materials formed the foundation of this central, and primary area. Also these materials were what was needed to mount and surround the mosaic tiles in random positions throughout this key area. I will say that I shaped this key area to be a random, irregular shape, to appear more strong, gritty and unique. The background was created to be more soft and blended in contrast to the central area of heavy texture and suggests a certain hardness compared to the soft, suave background area. So, what do you think of this painting? Comments are welcomed and encouraged of any sort or kind.

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