Festive Spirit

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I have come to realize that as I increase my painting inventory one of the hardest things for me to achieve as an artist, is to find a unifier, something in the body of paintings, in my collection of art created, that is an element, a style, a technique, that is common, to a great degree, in all my abstract paintings.

For me it is a challenge as I often like to experiment and try different things in creating my paintings. Yes, it will be an abstract, but it could contain some new, experimental materials, art products, techniques and more....that were not used in my prior paintings. If such experimentation I later deem successful, I likely will return to it again, in a future painting or paintings.

Once, about a year ago or so, a friend said he really likes my paintings but added that they tend to look much the same. Hmmm, was he right? Does it matter? I politely said I don't agree. But how important is it to you, that an artist creates a unified body, collection of work that is of the same technique and style each time, with little variance or departure from the other paintings in the collection?

I for one don't know how critical this factor is. I have read that galleries who display an artist's work like to see consistency in the artist's portfolio of work and prefer to display a collection that can readily be identified as coming from that particular artist. Would like to hear your thoughts and preferences about this subject.

So, anyhow, about this painting I feel it is, in general, similar to many of my prior abstract paintings, but clearly not all. My sense of this painting, as I worked on it, as it began to take form and direction, was that this painting was going to emote, suggest feelings of lighthearted stirrings, happiness, relaxation and perhaps a sensation of celebratory. Just my take on it. What do you think and feel when you view this painting I have created?

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