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Living in a sub-tropical city, Medellin CO, seems to trigger, lately, a strong green palette, as I am surrounded by lush vegetation and trees, as well, encircled by botanically rich mountains. Not sure, but this could be influencing my palette of colors lately. This painting has lots of greens.

Recently I discovered and developed a special affection for a new dimensional effect for my multi-media abstracts. In this painting, if you look closely, you will see 3 areas of applied metallic glass granules. 2 areas in silver metallic, one area in gold metallic. This product, these metallic glass beads, add something unique and special to the overall composition and effect.

As usual lots of revisions, refinements, color shifts and careful placement of colors were involved, from start to finish, to create this satisfying, captivating abstract painting. Do you like it?

Perhaps you can find the right space for this captivating painting. Maybe you will find the right environment, for it to enhance and complete the walls of your office, lobby, foyer, conference room, or living room. Many appropriate places exist, for this painting, to enliven and adorn.

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