An Extravaganza of Metallic Textures

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Well, this painting is obviously consisting of a great deal of texture. Physical textures currently intrigue and stimulate me to a great degree. Metallic paints stimulate, energize me greatly too. As well multi-media painting keeps my art life very interesting and expands, raises my creative mind to new heights of accomplishment and experimentation. As artists we should not ever stop growing in our fascination and quest for visual adventures on canvas or substrates of many kinds. Interesting too is the effect of weight upon the chosen vehicle, material to paint upon and to apply textural pastes.

These textural materials do add to the total weight of the painting. Sure does feel very substantial as I carry the painting to my art inventory area and ready it for promotion and sale. But I add, the textural appearance adds visual interest in an impactful way, so one might say it adds visual weight to the painting also.

Hope you like it. Please do not hesitate to comment. All comments are valuable and important to me. Thanks!

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