A Sunny Mood.

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Variations on a theme. That is my general approach and this painting continues such. What is the theme? Abstract paintings with bright colors, attention getting shapes, strong, energetic and flowing compositions. Sometimes, however, I divert a bit to creating a painting that has some subtle areas as part of the composition. Also this painting temporarily has broken a recent pattern of strong textural surface paintings. So no textural material or dimensional paint application in this particular painting. As a collection of paintings I see myself going back and forth between smooth surface paintings and "texturized" paintings. With some mixed media here and there. This painting seems less active than most of my paintings. More comforting and peaceful, comparatively speaking. Perhaps it was a result of what my mind and spirit was needing at the time of creation. What do you think of it? What did you feel upon first viewing "A Sunny Mood"?

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