A Rainbow of Radiance upon the Coral

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In this particular abstract I incorporated a new product, for me, a texture material that is very course, gritty and heavy. It became a driving force in the unique appearance of my painting. Plus adding much depth, dimension and character to the overall look. So to take advantage of this interesting material`s qualities I used a lot of gold metallic paint, dry brushed over the textured surfaces to bring rich, reflective, sparkling effects to the painting surface. As often so I did not do any advanced sketches or drawings to determine the composition, but just let the material and paint speak to me, guide me in forming the flow and shape of the textured areas. The essential colors were limited to the following: Metallic gold, yellow, light blue, dark blue, black, medium or light greens. So combinations of cool and warm colors working harmoniously together to form what you see. Hope you like it and find it stimulating in some sense as well as pleasing and interesting.

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