Title: "The Gathering". April, 2019. 80cm x 120cm.

_A Rainbow of Radiance upon the Coral_.j

Title: "A Rainbow of Radiance upon the Coral". August 2019. 26cm x 20cm

Radiance Revealed

Title: "Radiance Revealed". July, 2019. 20cm x25cm

An Engaging Assembly of Textures

 Title: "An Engaging Assembly of Textures". October, 2019.

41cm x 50cm.

Go with the flow

Title: "Go with the Flow". July 2019. 25cm x 20cm.

Ponderance of Purples

Title: "Ponderance of Purples" June 2019. 35cm x 50cm.

Title: "Traffic Jam". May 2019, 70cm x 50cm.


Hello Earth, my name is Sky

Title: "Hello Earth, my name is Sky". July 2019. 50cm x 40cm.

May I have your attention please.jpg

Title: "May I have your attention please?"

October 2019. 100cm x 70cm

Title: "Singing the Blues". January 2020. 40cm x 51cm

Title: "A Sunny Mood". January 2020. 40cm x 30.5cm

Title: "The Inferno Within, How Can We Win?" March, 2020.

70 x 100cm.

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