Title: "The Gathering". April, 2019. 80cm x 120cm.

_A Rainbow of Radiance upon the Coral_.j

Title: "A Rainbow of Radiance upon the Coral". August 2019. 26cm x 20cm

Radiance Revealed

Title: "Radiance Revealed". July, 2019. 20cm x25cm

As my new abstract paintings are created and completed they will appear here, in Abstract Paintings, Pg. 2.


Also they will be added to the "New Paintings" page and "Online Store".

An Engaging Assembly of Textures

 Title: "An Engaging Assembly of Textures". October, 2019.

41cm x 50cm.

Go with the flow

Title: "Go with the Flow". July 2019. 25cm x 20cm.

Ponderance of Purples

Title: "Ponderance of Purples" June 2019. 35cm x 50cm.

Title: "Traffic Jam". May 2019, 70cm x 50cm.


Hello Earth, my name is Sky

Title: "Hello Earth, my name is Sky". July 2019. 50cm x 40cm.

May I have your attention please.jpg

Title: "May I have your attention please?"

October 2019. 100cm x 70cm

Title: "Singing the Blues". January 2020. 40cm x 51cm

Title: "A Sunny Mood". January 2020. 40cm x 30.5cm

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