About Rick

Artist Rick Citta,

"Ricky Pintor"

As a child Rick loved to sketch the world around him, creating drawings of buildings, people, trees and flowers. His formal art education includes art studies in high school and college, in Wisconsin USA.

He uses acrylics for the occasional mural and for frequent abstract work, water based paints for decorative finishes and includes pastel for his mixed media abstract paintings.

In past years Rick's pastel paintings have been juried into several national art competitions in the USA. ( See his Chronology page on this website for more details).

When living and creating art in the USA Rick especially enjoyed depicting architecture, nature, floral, parks and city scenes. Much the same subject matter when he lived and painted in Ukraine.

However, upon relocating again, to Colombia in 2016, he decided to shift his painting emphasis to abstract expressionism. Quite a change of direction but a very refreshing, stimulating change indeed.

So since late 2016 his primary focus has been in the world of abstract painting. In 2020, his inventory is over 40 abstract paintings and the inventory keeps growing.

In September 2020 he will begin experimenting with cold wax and oil paint techniques for his abstract paintings. He is very excited about this new, fascinating technique. For the year 2021 he has plans for Colombian exhibitions of his abstracts. 

Rick is presently living in a beautiful, diverse city called Medellin. In Colombia. This city provides great potential for creative release in such an energized, vibrant environment and friendly, supportive culture.

Rick promotes and displays his paintings here on his website, but also in his Instagram profile, Facebook art business page and on his Fineartamerica profile, that also provides many of his paintings imprinted on many special and interesting products, for online purchase.

Newly added is another website for artists that has reviewed his artwork and accepted him as a member. This site is called Plogix gallery and he can be found there, in an internet search, at Plogix.com

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